MCRO By-Laws:


(Adopted June 22, 2021)

Section 1:


The name of this organization shall be the "Middlesex County

Republican Committee", hereafter referred to as the "Committee".

Section 2:


(a) The purpose of this Committee shall be to espouse the

principles and platform of the Republican Party.

(b) This Committee shall represent the Republican Party of

Middlesex County regarding views and policies of the party concerning issues

and problems in government of Middlesex County, the State of New Jersey and

the United States of America.

(c) This Committee supports the concept of open conventions in

order to encourage all qualified individuals to seek public office.

(d) This Committee shall support and direct the campaign of

Republican candidates in the general election for the three above named levels

of government. Such support and direction shall be coordinated with campaigns

for local candidates in municipalities of Middlesex County which have local


Section 3:


(a) The voting members of this Committee shall be duly certified

Republican County Committee members as prescribed in Title 19, who may be

elected or appointed regardless of gender.

(b) Commencing in 2024, Republican County Committee

members shall be elected for two year terms in even numbered years.

(c) The non–voting members shall be the State Committeeman,

State Committeewoman, Presidents of Certified County Republican Clubs, (as

herein defined in Section 10), all Municipal Chairmen, all elected Republican

officials from Middlesex County, and officers of the Committee who are not

members of the Committee. Those members designated in this Section 3(b) as

well as all other Municipal Chairmen and Committee officers shall meet at the call

of the Committee Chairman to act as an Advisory Board in party policy. The

Chairman shall have the privilege of inviting to any such meetings other persons

such as chairmen of committees, Republican candidates or Republican experts

on pending actions.

Section 4:

Officers and Their Election:

(a) Officers of the Committee shall consist of the County

Chairman, First Vice Chairman, Second Vice Chairman, Secretary and


(b) In the event the outgoing County Chairman has been

advised, in writing, more than 3 days prior to the meeting, that 2 or more

individuals intend to run for the same Committee office, then voting machines

shall be used.

(c) In any election where there are more than two candidates for

the same office, the winner shall be the one receiving more than 50% of the

votes cast for that office. If none of the candidates receive more than 50% of the

votes on the first ballot, another ballot shall be taken between the two candidates

receiving the highest number of votes on the first ballot.

(d) Each candidate who is nominated may appoint one

challenger for each machine.

(e) For every office for which there are two or more candidates,

position on the ballot shall be determined by drawing.

(f) Election of officers shall be supervised by Republican

members of the Middlesex County Board of Elections.

Section 5:

Duties of Officers:

(a) (i) The Chairman shall preside at all meetings and shall

be responsible for the direction of the Committee. The Chairman shall designate,

on or before January 31 of each year, a campaign treasurer and a campaign

depository, and shall file the name and address thereof with the Election Law

Enforcement Commission. He may appoint chairmen of the following standing

committees: public relations, finance, activities, registration, political action,

vacancies and platform. He may also appoint a five member ethical standards

committee, (the chairman to be elected from the membership) for the purpose of

administering a code of ethics and reviewing and disposing of all matters

pertaining thereto. He may appoint chairmen and members of any other

committees which he deems necessary and he shall be a member of any and all

committees except the ethical standards committee.

(ii) The Chairman shall call all meetings of the Committee

and he shall instruct the Secretary to send notices of same.

(b) The First Vice Chairman shall preside in the absence of the

Chairman and shall serve in his place in the event of a vacancy of the office of

the Chairman until a new Chairman shall have been elected. In the absence of

both the Chairman and the First Vice Chairman, the Second Vice Chairman shall

assume such duties. Both Vice Chairmen shall assist the Chairman in the

performance of his duties.

(c) The Secretary shall record minutes of each meeting of the

Committee and shall keep permanent records of same.

(d) The Treasurer shall have custody of all Committee funds,

shall maintain regular accounts thereof and shall report on same at each

Committee meeting and at any additional time that he is requested to do so by

the Chairman. Committee funds shall be deposited at a bank to be designated

by the Chairman. Funds are to be withdrawn only by checks signed by the

Treasurer and countersigned by the Chairman. The Treasurer shall timely file

with the Election Law Enforcement Commission such reports as may be required

by "The New Jersey Campaign Contributions and Expenditures Reporting Act",

New Jersey Statutes 19:44A–1 et seq. The Treasurer's report shall be audited

by a qualified person or persons designated by the Chairman. Such audit shall

be conducted during the month proceeding the annual meeting month each year

and the results of same shall be reported each year at the annual convention.

An audit must precede any change in the office of the Treasurer.

Section 6:


(a) The Chairman may call meetings of the Committee for any

purpose which in his judgment requires such a meeting.

(b) The notice for the reorganization meeting shall be according

to the provisions of Title 19.

(c) The Chairman shall call a special meeting of the Committee

upon his direction to do so by a petition signed by at least 150 members of the

Committee and presented to the Chairman at least 20 days prior to the date of

such meeting. Said petition and notices shall contain the purpose of the meeting

and no other business shall be discussed at said meeting.

(d) Notice of all Committee meetings shall be mailed or e-mailed

by the Secretary at least ten days prior to the meeting date, or in the event of a

notice for the reorganization meeting, as soon after the completion of the primary

election voting as possible.

Section 7:

Screening Committee and County Convention:

(a) Screening Committee:

(i) Members of the screening committee or committees

shall be the County Chairman, County First Vice Chairman, County Second Vice

Chairman, County Secretary, County Treasurer, State Committeeman, State

Committeewoman and all elected County, State and National Republican officials

from Middlesex County, Municipal Chairmen and Presidents of Certified County

Republican Clubs, Municipal Chairmen or their representatives from affected

municipalities outside Middlesex County, Republican members of the Board of

Elections and bonus members as described hereafter. Middlesex County

municipalities shall have bonus members on the Screening Committee based

upon the Republican freeholder vote of the proceeding general election, based

on the following formula:

1 Bonus Vote: 1,000–4,999

2 Bonus Votes: 5,000–7,999

3 Bonus Votes: 8,000–10,999

4 Bonus Votes: 11,000 or more.

Bonus votes are to be selected by the County Chairman based upon the

recommendations from the affected Municipal Committee.

(ii) The screening committee or committees shall make

recommendation to the county convention for candidates, not necessarily limited

to one per ballot position.

(iii) Those candidates receiving a two-thirds vote of the

Screening Committee shall be recommended to the County Convention. When

no candidate receives a two-thirds vote, the Screening Committee shall, on each

ballot, drop all candidates who do not receive votes from at least 15% of the

members of the Screening Committee present and voting, or the lowest vote

getter, in the event each candidate received such 15% percent, until a candidate

receives a two-thirds vote or until two candidates for each ballot position remain,

both of whom shall be presented to the county convention.

(iv) Screening committee members shall only be

permitted to vote for candidates who will be on the ballot in their respective

municipalities. This provision shall not apply to the County Chairman, County

First Vice Chairman, County Second Vice Chairman, County Secretary, County

Treasurer, State Committeeman, State Committeewoman, Republican members

of the Board of Elections and Presidents of Certified County Republican Clubs.

(b) County Convention:

(i) The County Chairman shall be convention chairman

and shall appoint tellers, sergeant–at–arms, parliamentarians and others

necessary for the proper function of the Convention.

(ii) All convention delegates must be registered


(iii) Convention delegates will be certified by their

respective Municipal Chairman to the credentials committee by noon at last 10

days prior to the day of the convention. Procedures adopted by the Municipal

Committee for recruiting of excess delegates must accompany the certified list.

Appeals may be heard within 5 days of submission of the certified list.

(iv) Votes for legislative district candidates will be cast by

those delegates from those municipalities comprising the district. Additionally,

one vote each may be cast by the County Chairman, County First Vice

Chairman, County Second Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, State

Committeeman, State Committeewoman, Board of Election Commissioners and

by any elected County official who resides in that district. These shall be known

as "at–large" votes.

(v) Votes for county–wide candidates will be cast by the

delegates from all 25 municipalities. Additionally, at–large votes (one each) may

be cast by the County Chairman, County First Vice Chairman, County Second

Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, State Committeeman, State

Committeewoman, Board of Election Commissioners, and any elected County


(vi) Each candidate for office, or his duly appointed agent,

wishing support of the County Convention must appear and request support at

the convention. This includes all incumbents. The County Chairman must be

notified of the candidate's intention one week before the convention.

Nominations to offices may be offered from the floor, without prior notice to the

Chairman, if the potential candidate presents a petition to the Chairman

containing the names of at least 25% of the registered delegates.

(vii) The Screening Committee shall report to the


(viii) Ballot procedures:

(1) Each Municipal Chairman will cast the vote of

his delegation in direct proportion to the vote present within his delegation. No

unit rule will be permitted. No delegate will cast more than one vote. No bullet

voting will be allowed.

(2) On the first ballot a simple majority vote for any

candidate wins. A candidate is dropped who does not receive the following

percentage of the total vote:

Ballot #1 20%

Ballot #2 25%

Ballot #3 30% and up by 5% on

each ballot.

(3) On multiple offices, after the first candidate is

selected, each originally nominated candidate is eligible to re–enter the race for

the next ballot position (for next candidate position).

(4) In the event of a deadlock (defined as 3

successive ballots with no change in vote) the low candidate is dropped.

(ix) A quorum shall be a majority of the certified delegates


(x) The convention rules shall be deemed adopted by the

convention unless a majority of the registered delegates object in writing to the

rules chairman at least 5 days prior to the convention.

(xi) The latest revision available of Robert's Rules of

Order will be the parliamentary authority on rules not governed by law, by–laws

or rules adopted by the convention committee.

Section 8:


This Committee shall act in all matters provided for in Title 19 and

the New Jersey Campaign Contributions and Expenditures Reporting Act,

according to same, to the extent required by law. In matters neither provided for

in Title 19 nor prescribed in these by–laws, the latest revision available of

Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall prevail.

Section 9:

Code of Ethics:

(a) In order to maintain public confidence in Republican

principles and in elected and appointed officials, the Committee feels duty–bound

to establish a set of guidelines (a Code of Ethics) to help direct the activities of its

candidates, office holders and leadership.

(i) Conflict of Interest: In order to insure fairness and

objectivity, elected or appointed officials shall not participate, by either word or

action, in any governmental transaction involving a firm, organization or other

entity in which he, his spouse, his child or relative by blood or marriage is an

officer, director, trustee, partner, employee, or has a substantial economic


(ii) Indictments: No candidate for election or re–election

who has been indicted by a grand jury shall receive the endorsement of the

Committee or the line designation in a primary election of the Middlesex County

Republican Organization, Inc., except if such candidate shall be found "not

guilty". Financial and other support shall be withheld from any Republican

candidate indicted after receiving the party's nomination. In addition, any elected

or appointed public official indicted while in office shall be expected to move for a

speedy trial.

(iii) Misuse of Influence: No Republican officeholder or

candidate shall accept or solicit, either directly or through some other person,

firm, organization or entity, any gift, favor, service, employment, or promise of

anything of economic or personal value which can be reasonably expected to be

offered with intent to influence his public duties or vote on some governmental


(iv) Accessibility to the Public: All elected officeholders

are expected to encourage and adhere to the concept of public accessibility by

setting and publicizing specific hours and locations when and where they will

make themselves available for consultation with their constituency. Office

holders are also expected to have listed telephone numbers in each telephone

directory book covering their constituency.

(v) Improper Use of Office: All Republican officeholders

will be expected to utilize the utmost discretion and consideration regarding the

privileges and accoutrements of their office.

Section 10:

Certified County Republican Clubs:

(a) The Committee, in the manner as hereinafter set forth, shall

certify and/or recertify Republican Clubs based in Middlesex County as "Certified

County Republican Clubs", for the purpose of determining which such clubs are

entitled to participate and/or vote at various activities of the Committee.

(b) Requirements and Guidelines for Certification:

The following criteria shall be used to determine if a club should be

certified or recertified as a "Certified County Republican Club":

(i) The club's membership must be open countywide,

with members coming from at least 5 different Middlesex County municipalities

and with no more than 75% of the membership coming from any one Middlesex

County municipality.

(ii) The club must have at least 25 dues paid members at

the time of each annual certification. To be counted for certification purposes,

members may not be included for certification purposes as members of any other

club seeking certification or recertification. (For purposes of certification, a

membership roster is to be submitted to the Executive Board of the Committee,

which shall consist of the Officers of the Committee, but is not to be circulated


(iii) The club must consist of registered Republican


(iv) The club must have been in existence for at least the

two year period prior to the time the club applies for its annual certification.

(v) The club must hold public functions and/or meetings

at least 6 times a year, with notification or event calendar of same given to the

Committee in advance.

(vi) The club should have a representative/liaison

regularly attend the meetings of the Committee and the Committee's periodic,

usually monthly, Advisory Board meetings.

(vii) The club should not duplicate the function of a

presently certified club, provided such presently certified club requests, qualifies

for, and obtains, recertification.

(c) Method of Certification or Recertification:

(i) A club which feels it meets the requirements and

guidelines for certification shall forward its written request for certification,

containing appropriate proof of its qualifications, to the Secretary of the

Committee no later than October 1st prior to the calendar year for which it seeks

certification or recertification. A club must submit a request for recertification


(ii) The Officers of the Committee shall review and make

the initial determination as to whether or not a club has met the necessary criteria

for certification or recertification for the subsequent calendar year.

(iii) If the Officers of the Committee feel that a club has

not met the criteria, or if it appears to the Officers of the Committee that the club

duplicates in some way the function of another previously certified club, the

Officers of the Committee may deny the club certification for the subsequent

calendar year. In the event that two clubs with duplicate functions both apply for

certification, and neither one is presently certified, the Officers of the Committee

shall give preference to the club with a longer active tenure.

(iv) Notice of the determination of the Officers of the

Committee shall be given to the effected clubs by no later than Nov 1st.

(v) In the event a club is denied certification for the

subsequent calendar year, it may appeal the denial at the following meeting of

the Advisory Board of the Committee, on prior written notice to the Officers of the

Committee, to the Committee's Counsel, and to each of the 25 Municipal

Chairmen. If such an appeal is made from the certification decision of the

Officers of the Committee, an affirmative vote, by secret ballot, of at least 13

municipal chairmen shall be required for certification or recertification.

Section 11:


(a) In the event the State of New Jersey declares a state of

emergency or other laws, regulations or orders are in place which would preclude

the compliance with any of the terms or provisions of these by-laws, the

Chairman may modify them during such period as he or she may deem

necessary, subject to the agreement of the a majority of the Committee officers,

(County Chairman, County First Vice Chairman, County Second Vice Chairman,

Secretary and Treasurer).

(b) In the event any candidate or candidates to be selected at a

County Convention, as referenced above, are not selected at such Convention,

for any reason, the County Chairman shall have the right to select a candidate to

fill such position.

Section 12:

Adoption and Amendment:

(a) These by–laws shall take effect immediately upon adoption

by a majority of Committee members voting on same at a Committee meeting.

(b) These by–laws may be amended by a two–thirds vote of

Committee members voting on same, provided that said amendment shall have

been submitted to the County Chairman and Committee in writing.

(c) Should any provision of these by–laws be ruled invalid, all

other provisions shall stand.

Revised ____